Thursday, August 6, 2009


Of Two Minds

It is the strong, working
Physical men I love
The construction workers
The utility workers
The truck drivers
Those men working
In the fields
The cowboys
The lumberjacks
The steel workers
The factory workers
The farmers
Driving bailers and rakes
Or plowing the ground
Yes, even the plumbers
And electricians
I like fishermen and hunters
....But then again
I crave those men
Who write poetry and songs
A man who paints
or sculptures is devine
And I adore all who play
or make music
Guitar players turn me on
Saxophone players I want to kiss
Drummers and their beat I desire
Dancers are most wonderful
I love a man who reads
Torn between mind and muscle
I am hopelessly of two minds
...Linda King 8/06/09

Bird's Eye View

I am circling myself
With fluttering wings
I fly around and around myself
Examining my consciousness
Deciding what thoughts
I want to keep or discard
Which ones I want to
Rearrange or move
What desires I want to explore
From above I can see
The uselessness of
Fear and self doubt
I see I stick pins in own myself
I can see an expanded picture
And can change direction
Change attitudes
Change a own
It has been happening, lately
Just flying high above myself
Yes, now I can see
...Linda King 8/06/09

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Seth, from the Jane Roberts channeled Seth books, is the only place I had read that our dream are the true reality and our lifes are drawn out of that conciousness. It only makes sense as that is the part of us that goes on after death. I like his idea and it make sense, so, I will go along with it for now. Everyone in the world, including my sisters, have wanted me to stop talking about my dreams, but they are so real and vivid...I just go right on annoying people with them...dreaming away. I started recording my dreams at 20 and have studied dream, mine and other peoples for almost 50 years. I am no amateur at this I only tell the ones I think are the most important.
I have gone back to movie scripts and movie making in my dreams. I was in a science fiction type movie and ask what it was and they said it was "The Tiregrabber." That is one of John Bennett's books. Another night, I was writing a script and making a movie that was at some old mission and all the women of the town who had nothing to do was helping to bring it back to what it was. They were growing gardens, finding old wall and fountains. It was shot somewhere in Mexico or New Mexico. At the end they men were all sitting around with a band and the women came in singing and then dancing...all wild, like we used to do in Boulder. They band called for more men and it seemed to end in a big finale with everyone dancing and singing...Men and women. This was a real feel good movie.
Last night I was doing my own stunts in a movie. It had something to do with finding out that my sister, Gerry, had actually slept with my old love Bukowski. I knew she was lieing to me about it and I knew it was a movie, so I went out and practiced again and again a stunt were I would be hit by a car and had to tumble over the hood in just the right way not to get hurt. I didn't start dreaming about movie making until I got to San Francisco. Maybe I should be working on movie scripts.
Some people think I should take a drugs to stop my dreams, but I believe that the dream world is passing along important information for the improvement of this world. We can get off track...going the wrong way, etc, but our dreams are constantly drawing us back to what we are meant to do or our true desires. Maybe my biggest desires lines in movies, I am not sure...or maybe some time, some place, I have already made movies. The probablity of what might happen is before me to bring to life.
In another dream I was talked to an old school friend of mine, Dell. He seemed to know everything about me and I asked now he knew and he said, my nephew Dan has set it all up on the internet for him. I was amazed. My sister, Margie, was in this dream and she had planted a orchard of peach tree. Each stick had a peach on top. When I woke, I knew this was a dream to do with Dale Barney because he was the one who planted all the peach pits and they all came up. His orchard had more peaches than anyone could use. This could be the link between the living and the dead. Dale and Dell, who had a near death sickness a year ago, and Margie who is kind of going through the end of Floyd's life. The peaches...the peaches...right how I am not sure. I might just be my symbol for Dale. My dreams gave me the symbol for Leo, a Raccoon. He used to call the mice raccoons. The symbols move the dream process along with greater speed, like a sign language.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blogs getting Bogged Down

My blogs are not getting written because I can't get to the page where you write. This blog takes me everywhere but where I need to be. If I tell my friends to go to Vooman's Voice they come up empty...blank...nothing. The only way I can get there is because I have Vooman listed as a favorite. I finally get tired of fighting it myself and go watch a movie on T.V. Finally Mr. Blogspot will give me the right page and I don't know why, the next time I try to blog I have to go through the same thing. After about a half an hour, this page I am writinng on came up. I don't like it because it doesn't have spell check or grammer I don't know where to find it. I can't imagine it not having spell check. If I write my blog on the word processor this blog will not take it in this space from edit. Why not? Maybe there is a war between Goggle and Mircosoft or Yahoo. I hate war. By the time I actually get to the page to write the important blog I wanted to blog is old and seems less important. So for now I will only bitch a bit.

I have been to Petaluma to see Max and stayed the night. We went to Santa Rosa Fair that had horse races, but we went to the exibits and only 3 horse races. I am thinking of a fast trip to Phoenix to get a few more things I left in the house, but not sure now.