Monday, January 25, 2010


As a caravan of misery unfolds before our eyes
Shocked brains can not absorb such destruction
The earth trembled and rolled in waves
As Port Au Prince collapses
In a cloud of concrete dust
Crushed arms, legs, bodies and heads
Black injured faces covered with white dust
Bodies trapped with a piece of metal
A wall or roof sitting on others
Screams of pain come from the rubble
....And the moon darken the sun in total eclipse
Anderson Cooper, of CNN reports...reports
This child needs surgery
This woman needs blood
There is no food, no water, no medical supplies
Whole street are down in a massive tangle
No help, no doctors, no shelter
Thousands on the streets
This leg needs to be amputated
Work fast...the first 72 hours are critical
Rows of dead bodies line the streets
And a wall of faces spring up
People looking for loved ones
People begging for help to find a child
The orphans, what will happen to the babies?
The Presidential Palace is destroyed
The UN building gone and also many employees
The prison in rubble and prisoners free
The earth rolls again in after shocks...after shocks
Truck loads of bodies are dumped into a mass grave
Dr. Sanjay, of CNN, passes the night with the critically injured
When a medical team pull out for security reasons
And more survivors are released from the rubble
A girl of five is saved, but later dies calling for her mother
A 72 year old grandma buried in a church survives
A boy's head is bloodied by a brick slung in a food riot
The police kill two men, who lived, for stealing rice
A small black eyed boys if found
His haunting eyes tell of his 7 day ordeal
Everyone is wearing masks against the stink of rotting flesh
Help! Help! Where is help? Planes can't land
The ships can' arrive, the port is gone
Medical supply are sitting at the airport undelivered
The Red Cross hospital ship has not arrived
The outer towns have not even been looked at
People are dieing that could have been saved
With equipment, antibiotics and surgeons
Now many orphans are on a bus to...nowhere
Big eyed children, packed in together...are turned back
Their caretaker is crying
Don't leave by boat...they warn
The lucky ones fly out...some orphans are permitted to leave
Money! Can you give money? Donate...Please!
Twenty-seven million given in 3 days..many countries helping
Watch for fraud... and Clinton and Bush are working together
Obama pledged billions... Haiti benefits everywhere.
Call 90999 and $10 will be added to your phone bill
They need much, food, water, tents
How many dead? Nobody know..200,000 and counting
Bulldozers moving...Many unrecord, going in mass graves

How could this angry, polluted, buckling and dieing earth
Strike people already colored in so much misery
So hungery and poor to have already eaten mud cakes
Is this the earth we call mother?
Can a God rule all this?
Can a God rule this?
Is Allah..Is Buddha...Is Voodoo lost in the rubble?
Is Human slavery really gone?
Will the bribes and greed of the ruling class ever be gone?
Haiti is most corruption among nations
Will the rich see the misery of people in Haiti
And reach out to them... and the poor of every nation?
....An earth...A world calls for real change

Change has come to Haiti
The moon darkened the sun
The Mayans foretold of disaster
...Linda King 1/22/2010