Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ocean Beach at Sloat

The sun is setting over calm water
A dog chases a ball into water pools
Surfers are catching their last ride before dark
Teenagers are frolicing in slow moving waves
The sun is at the horizon
One can looking into it's yellow eye
At this hour and see infinity
With mutted protective rays all around
The sky is a pale orange
I hear the calm humming of the ocean
And breathe in the fresh salt air
Ah, yes, so full my lungs happy with oxygen
The yellow ball sinks to a strip
Tiny clouds sparkle like gems above
A black winged bird crosses through
The ocean now silvery blue/grey hums and hums
Happy dogs sniff by and are released to run
They weave down the rocks and frolic wildly on the sand
They chase a third dog barking happily
Lovers kiss at the point of the hill
A muscluar surfer removes his wetsuit
A mother strolls by with her baby
Wet children are wrapped in towels
One lonely surfer meditates on his board far out
Three brave swimmer splash each other
Pink bottomed clouds appears
They look like a blue-eyed dolphin with wings
I must do my stretches and omms
...Linda King -ll/2/09