Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have dragged myself out of my bed to face the world…to find my voice. I am Vooman and I do have a voice. I think I crawled under the cover never to come out because I can’t face this fighting world, a war on every front with people sleeping in the street and not getting enough to eat all over this freaking planet. Flood, fires, famine, bombs, fighting, murder are a weekly happenings. Somewhere deep inside you feel like you should do something about some of this despair, but know your are in no position to do anything. Hardly in a position to take care of yourself let alone help anyone else.
Not to understand, but wondering if there is any intelligent master over all this, I opened the Jewish Old Testament. And read war after war after war. It only made me realize how long this has been going on and how little chance there is that it will stop. Those bad boys back then were going out and slaughtering thousands and thousand in one day. God had no shame about marching these thousands and thousand of Jews into other people lands and towns and just taking over. No wimps in those days. David slaughtered thousands and Solomon slaughtered tens of thousands. Our little drones that only kill 15 or 20 people is nothing.
I really need to go back to comedy. I have become too serious. The Revolutionary Poets Brigade that I have joined is too serious for me. Too many problems on every front. And my 32 year old son can’t get a job. The jobs are in China, India or the Philippines. If I don’t post any blogs is because I am afraid I cannot said anything intelligent, funny, interest or of good report. Okay, I admit I don’t have the answers. I am getting one day older every day. There is no turning it back. My face is getting more wrinkles and I laugh a whole lot less. Give me a break. I think I should stop watching CNN. But I am addicted to what is going on. I need to know. Maybe this is something like heroin you need to go through withdrawal to get off news addiction.
I need to go to a withdrawal camp where you are not allow to get a fix of bad new for weeks at a time. Maybe I should start one. I have no pep or energy to pop this stuffy bubble I am in and have been in for weeks. Give me a break. Just give me a break. Let me get back to some fun, if there is fun still in the world.


How is it that California is limping along 23 billion dollar in debt. Everything seems to be running somewhat the same as always. There are still Policemen, firemen, schools, the tram is on the track. How can this be? Maybe the idea of money is only relative, maybe it is not real. Maybe 23 billion dollar doesn’t mean 23 billion dollars. When my money runs out, I can’t buy food, gas or pay the rent. What is this debt that shadows our lives. This is not suppose to be part of the American dream. America is suppose to get richer, live bigger and better in their pursuit for happiness. Is the 23 billions just part of our happiness…spend, spend, spend? Can we borrow more? Since we have the most artillery maybe other country are afraid not to loan us their money. It seems to me that the English had a better idea, they just conquered and took what they wanted. I have never seen so many treasures as those in Buckingham Palace. In the Bible, when you conquer you take the spoils. It is expected of the winner. When Americans win, they give, give, give to build back what they have destroyed. This is a crazy kind of war. We try to be the nice helpful guy and conquer at the same time. It is impossible to do both. The spoils of war used to go to the winner. Is this why we never win? We could conquer and make these places another part of USA, our land ….our oil. Who found the oil, who drilled for it, who built the processing plants?
With our country not paying back it’s debts, the states not paying back their debts, how come we the people need to pay our debts. These debts are certainly not happiness. I have not read one article of anybody who has any solution to this vast American problem. I don’t really expect anyone to come up with a way to allow anyone to spend more than they earn. The Government could take care of the lazy, the fat, the addicted, the crazy, the poor, the unemployed…if they weren’t trillions of dollar in debt. How was it that Bill Clinton actually brought down the national debt?? Maybe, I ,like everyone else, should go along with this fantasy…maybe it is like a Disney movie, it will all end up happy ever after in the end.