Sunday, January 30, 2011


Psychic insight and dreams is something everyone has. It is just that some people believe in it a lot more than others do and some, like me, have been doing it a lot longer. I started recording my dreams and seeing if they were important way back when I was thirty. So I have fifty years on some people. I have to come respect the truth of my dreams much more than what I see on T.V. I gave my grand kids empty note books for Xmas to record their dreams. One of them says to me, "Grandma, I don't dream." I told her. "You dream, you just don't remember them."
I took psychic development classes for years at a Spiritualist church and finally developed, got over my fears and gave messages to people. The hardest thing to learn was to believe, yourself, the message and not lets others distract you by their disbelief.
There was an old psychic there who always started her message with, "I have a message for you from the other side of life..." She had this squeaky voice and I would go home and say that line in exactly her tone...making everyone laugh. I love a good laugh line and wanted to steal it, but I didn't. Nobody laughed when she said it. I couldn't help thinking...she's psychic, she'll know I am making fun.
I'll tell you a few of the messages, that I call hits before I get to current messages.
#1 (This was to a man I had never seen before.) Sir, I'm sorry, but all I seem to be getting for you is alligators. I know this is Phoenix and the desert and their are no alligators around here...but. that it."
He said, "Well that is good enough for me because I'm here from Florida and I know who that message is from. It is from my brother-in-law who passed away recently. His backyard backed up to the swamp and his favorite thing was going down and watching the alligators. He even built a bench down there."
#2 This is not all of this message, but I told another woman I saw a set of department store legs that are set up to display hose or shoes, etc. She told me that her friend has died recently who was paralyzed and had told her before she died that the first thing she was going to do after she died was get a set of legs.
#3 Another young man in his messaged I gave him a old hay rake and a man who had something to do with honey, maybe beekeeper. He shook his head and looked at me like I was out of mind.
I said, "Well, I am not it taking back, it might mean something later." After the reading he came up to me and said, "I suddenly realized the messages was from Mr. Honeycutt. He lived next door when I was young and I loved that old man and went over to see him everyday. Between our places was this old hay rack that I passed by to get there.
I call these kind of messages hits. I guess being a gambler I looked upon it like the horse races. You couldn't win every time...but I also found out the psychic wouldn't work to pick winners. I doubt that's what it was devised for. Even though, I have been given winners in dreams like a horse, Red, that paid over $80 to win.
I have numerous dreams every night, my family are sick to death of them, but they just keep right on coming. I have expanded to dream about the world. My crystal ball changes into a word map and I, sometimes, get a birds eye few of what is going to happen like a huge waves or islands where a volcano is erupting. I dreamed of a Pyramid a couple of weeks ago and I kept looking for something to happen in Egypt. And here it is..still happening.
I dreamed numerous times of earthquakes and destruction before Haiti. So when I start to dream about something bad happening, I get a little nervous.
When some one is going to die in the family, I see my Dad riding in with a saddled horse to take someone back with him.
I have animal symbols for everyone, so when they come into my dreams I know who they are. My daughter, a Pig, (she has a collection of pigs.)
I announced my daughter was coming home early from the Peace Corp because I dream a pig got on the plane. She did.
My son, a cross, (he's a church going man.)
My youngest son has been, a Griffie, (as he has his head in the cloud a lot.) He's been changing to something else. It's dangerous during changes.
A friend who died, a Bear, (he had a dog named Bear.)
My sisters a Swan...etc. etc. See how it goes. The amazing thing about dreams and psychic insight is that they get it through to you with such a sparsity of words. One image can convey so much.
Like a telephone Pole...coming at me from the sky. I said, Pole a dozen its before I knew it was from the brother-in-law, Pole,of course, from the other side of life..ha. I called his daughter to see what was going on. There had a birth in her husbands family, but I told her her dad was looking after her. Her husband was still out of town, when a cougar stash his kill, a deer, almost at her back door. He did it on her dad's birthday. This in my home town of Boulder, Utah. If a cougar comes to me, I will know who it is. Or maybe that will be my niece's animal sign. Tony the Tiger, (his nickname from school) is, naturally, a tiger.
Rather than deceased or dead, I have been calling them the undead...

I am tell you this because I am planning on adding a little dream box and messages to my Vooman's Voice. Like the one I had last night of a flash flood coming down a freeway. I jumped out of my car and climb a wall and headed for high ground. The guy behind passed driving to fast, right into it,cursing me as he went by. This was a warning, they will tell me later when and where.(Maybe) In the dream, I thought, I would be dead if I hadn't had advance warning. Some of the freeways in Phoenix look like canals. My undead sister ,LaRae, warned me about my driving only a couple of days before I drove into head-on traffic. I remembered the dream and knew...threw it in reverse and I backed up on a dime. (Whew!)
***warning, all reader much bear with my bad grammar, misspelled words, so S's, etc. etc. My computer doesn't speak yet and tell me what I have done wrong.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This photo was taken on my senior trip at Knott's Berry Farm. I was always half way in love with Tony Reynolds, but he always had another girlfriend. I think I fell in love at first sight at the school playground at the old elementry school in Escalante when I was about six years old. That old brick two story school that should never been torn down. It was historic. Aunt Nethalla helped get half of the historic building in Escalante bulldozed. She was cleaning up the town. I have always loved old buildings. I think Dell LeFevere and Janel Spencer look pretty good in the photo too.

The photo was taken when my dad, Clyde King, was driving cattle probably to King Bench or to the Circle Cliffs. Much of the country looks like this in what we Boulder people called Down Below. I don't now how it got that name. Maybe the cowboys went through a little hell herding cattle in those rugged canyons and mesas.
Another rancher, Truman Lyman, had to get their cattle out of one of those canyon one winter during heavy snow. He said, "We only took the Lyman cattle, we left the King cattle and they all died." Since he later became a churchman, I felt like he felt a little guilt for leaving those cattle. Those trail were very dangerous and the cattle wild and unperdictable.
I drove cattle up the trail to King Bench and also drove them off the same trail. On old cow was so thristy and hungry, she ran out on the edge of the cliff to get a mouth full of grass and the edge broke off and she fell into the canyon, called The Gultch and died.
Daddy broke a leg on that same trail when his horse fell. My mom, Irene and I went down to pick him up. The men who had come to help went ahead of us. I ask how they got him out of there. He said, "After we put on a splint, we carried him off, four on each corner of a blanket down the trail. Once down, we walked with four horses with him in the middle tied to each saddle with a lasso. We moved slowly up the canyon. It was not an easy ride for a man with a broken leg and horses walking in the dark." I remember we waited and waited a waited until they arrive about three in the morning. We load him in the back of the Power Wagon for another bumpy ride home...where they switch cars again to take him the 100 miles to the hospital where they could set the leg and put a cast on.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Since I’ve missed my group therapy in Phoenix. I thought I might have a little Blog Therapy at least once a week. Anyone who has a problem can join and try to get their problem discussed. I think the most healing thing about group therapy is that you realize in group that you are not in this alone. There a lot of other people with problems as big or bigger than the ones you have. Somehow that makes you feel better.
I know there are probably a million or more people out there who have my problem and they just go get a facelift instead of face it. IT'S THE PROBLEM OF GETTING OLD. The face lift doesn’t help their skin or their elbows or their knees. I used to never notice the old, hobbling around, moan and groaning, but now I see them all the time. I wonder how come someone is limping or why someone else can’t get up from their chair.
I should have known I was trying to avoid old age when I took up with that man 20 years younger. That did me no good…especially when he didn’t want to walk in a room with me. Well, men do it all the time, it is still not acceptable in women …COUGAR TOWN or not.
I’m seventy and I still haven’t lost the desire to make love to a man that I adore and I still miss that one man and it has been over 2 years now. He kept me laughing, on my toes and looking good, but I did need this job in S.F. I didn’t think it was fair to him to be with someone as old as I am. And there was a small problem of him running out of money. He says he hasn’t found anyone else, but I wonder. I’ve had a couple of married men want to give me a sliver of their pie, but I don’t want that. There might have been a time I was willing, but not now.
Men my age, if they have money, are looking for women at least 40 years young. If they are broke, they are like me…looking depressed and not even on the prowl. That leaves the illegal men and we mostly don’t speak the same language. For the most part, their women are in Mexico, South America or China. They might have a job…I had one man come and open his wallet right in front of me …actually showed me he had money. Of course a man who really had money would never do anything like that.
I am just throwing this problem out to the world. THE PROBLEM OF GETTING OLD. Maybe someone has found a way to deal with this problem. I see happy older people out there. I think they are the ones who have mates. I see some laughing, joking...probably been drinking. I sometimes think…would I want to undress this falling apart body… in front of someone new, and I look good for my age. I wouldn’t even go see Cher. trying to look 20 year younger than she is. I don’t like that look. I want the happy, laughing contented look …satisfied like maybe she just got a little that morning. Help Anyone? Therapy Anyone?
I have a little exta problem and that’s having been Charles Bukowski’s girlfriend years ago. Writer or poets who admire him think…she would never go with me after him. True he was a damn good writer…but he’s dead. Other who have seen him think….Charles Burkowski’s, that man’s, ..not his discards. Wait a minute… it me who left him. …If she would go with a man that ugly there must be something wrong with her. And if they have read Bukowski…forget it. They’ve read about me.
The illegals don’t know who in the hell he is or can‘t read…thank God. I could go out a look in a bar or a dance place…but hell…I’m shot for today.