Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is the updated poem that Gerry read on her blog. I am practicing my computer skill to see if I can actually move this poem from desk to my blog, a skill I don't know.

(This poem was based on a young artist/paint, Everett Reuss who went into the canyons around my home town of Boulder, Utah and he was never found. Only his burro was found and the name Nemo scratched on canyon walls. The stories caught my imagination.)

In the ledges and the canyons
In the hollows and the creeks
There is a ghost of a wanderer
Lost and alone
He went into the canyons
For adventure to seek
But he never came home
He never came home
It was Nemo
Nemo who loved the silence
Nemo who loved wind and colors rare
It’s the ghost of Nemo
Who still wanders there
Nemo who disappeared without a trace
I believe he chose to stay
And his ghost among the canyons race
Nemo is for the sad and lonely
He can entwine your sad heart
When the whistling winds
In the canyon starts
With Nemo you can fall upon your knees
And cry out the grief in your heart
He will dry your tears
With a warm gust of desert breeze
Nemo knows
He knows the beauty of sadness
He knows of silence
Nemo know of death
He walked that trail
And it will be told always
In the crying canyon wail
The dark depths opened
And took poor Nemo
The black clouds blotted out the day
High ledges towered in triumph
As rumbling floods swept him away
Where they chose to lay his bones
They keep a secret still
It’s told in the dove’s sad mourn
Or the jaybird’s jabbering trill
Nemo rose that same day
A rainbow was his face
In it his artist colors play
And through that arching rainbow lace
Nemo, the painter
Nemo, the writer of verse
Who inspires everyone
Whose thoughts with death immerse
When you are in the canyons
For an hour or a day
Turn your thoughts to Nemo
Let him have his say
He will comfort you in sorrow
He will lift your spirit low
He will raise your eyes
From the canyon depths
To see he bright rainbow
Keep your eyes on the rainbow
See God’s promise there
When your eyes are on the rainbow
Your heart can not despair
When you look at the rainbow
You, too, may see a face
It may be the face of a loved one
You thought had left no trace
Nemo is lost when the rainbow’s gone
He’s found when it arches the sky
Nemo became a mystery
When life and death he tied
Nemo’s the name he gave himself
Nemo that means “No one”
Night shadows remind one of Nemo
The last glimpse of the setting sun
Nemo is lost and “No One” is lost
That’s how it will always be
Nemo lies close to the open heart
For each man to look and see
Nemo in the canyon
Nemo in the arch
Nemo in a jutting peak
Nemo in a fiery sunset torch
…Linda King - 1962

I did it. I have been trying to do that stupid little step ever since I started my blog. I think I have it mastered. Ann, if you read this here is the copy of Nemo that you asked me for. I suppose this might work on a e-mail as well. This poem was written way before Bukowski and Peter laughed at my rhyming poetry. I told them I loved nursery rhymes...still do.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


You haven't seen me on my own blog because I start to write on my computer and without warning it crashes. I have finally found out by having it happen more than once, that my computer crashed when he refigerator goes on...or today the people upstairs got up and they must have turned something on. Everything upstairs and down is hooked to one circuit. As I type I have unplugged my refigerator so that it doesn't go on and wipe out what I am saying.
This is progressive San Francisco where the old building have not caught up with progressive ideas, where old road have pot holes that will ruin your tires and your shocks. Where the telephone man couldn't hook up the phone because it caused one more thing on the circuit. Where it took a month to get Direct TV, instead of next day like the advertisement tell you.
Where healthcare has billed the government for $30,000 worth of tests without giving the patient one treatment. Where politicians keep fattening their pockets as they cut services to the homeless. And since I still have hope of a cure, I don't want to bite the hand who might make me well, but I am full of doubt as I weave down the street, a drunk without a beer, my numb hands and feet always cold. And when I read about my healthcare company making 23 billion dollar profit in 2007, I'd like to see the figures for this year. Insurance companies are always on the top list of profiteers. Ofcourse they need a lot of money, to pay all of those lobbyist they have in Washington D.C.
Can it be that Captitalist greed has become the norm and the Golden Rule has long been thrown out of practice. The Stockmarket, Politicians, the Banks, the hospitals, the Healthcare system, Corporations, almost everyone practicing greedology. We think nothing of not paying our taxes, if we can get away with, for what is the government doing for us? They steal from us with promises they don't keep and we steal from them. Healthcare tries to steal from the Government because they know that no matter what they summit, they will only get a part of it. Keep it high and you might get enough. They steal the health of the poor with tests after useless tests, while their sickness rage on, so that they can keep billing. The Stockmarket knew people had a nest egg they had been saving little by little for years. They figured out a way to steal it, with the IRA...politicans and lobbist working with them. They wanted that nest egg and the people on the job couldn't even choose they own stocks. The Mortgage company employees thought nothing of writing false earning reports so they could earn bigger and bigger pay checks on larger loans and they knew the government insured most of it. And the Healthcare companies helping with medicare for the government...profited like greedy pig in a bucket of swill. And what about me, they wanted to appraise my house for $280,000....sure I'll take it, my little $600 a month SS won't take we anywhere. Why not... rotten wages for a waitress had been $2.13 for years and years and years ...Plus tip, ofcourse. And people are worried about communism where people actually take a fair share. Pigs in the bucket of Capitalism want to go on practicing Greedology and that is why banks are cropping up on far away islands where nobody will ever be able to get their hands on...the hand out money or other untold profits.
As over 85 thousand people have seen death in the middle east, I wonder if greedology and profiteers on guns, oil and war machines are not wanting this war to go on and on and on. As America seems to want to be the only country who can threaten with nuclear weapons. America...come on...This is America....lets forget about all this and go make some money.