Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Records of war and death
Go back thousand of years
Man has never been at peace
He can never have peace
Without a revolution of the mind
First of all he needs
To lay down religion
Or at least think about it differently
Religion has cause more wars
Than all the madmen of the world
Your God or my God
Who is the best God
Who created the best God
Jehovah, Buddha, Christ, Allah
Is the God who wants
A foreskin really better
Than one who wants a clitoris
Better than a Monkey God
Or the Elephant God, Gnash
Or God hanging on a cross
Insanity fighting with insanity

Lay down religion for world peace
Let good sense prevail
Lay down prejudices
Lay down greed
Lay down love of power
Lay down the class system
Lay down politics
None of the systems have work
Not the right, not the left
Not dictators, Not Kings
Not Lenin, Hitler or Napoleon
We need a revolution of the mind
A revaluation of history
How many thousands of years
Must this go on
Before man wakes up, smartens up
And comes up with something new
Something never before tried
Lay down weapons
Lay down war planes
Lay down rockets, drones and bombs
Wake up world
Nothing was ever solved
By tearing down, destroying
Look at ancient Greece and Rome
Killing a race, a tribe, a nationality
Is not even possible
It was insanity of superiority
We are too many, too mixed
But starvation can kill millions
Murder and war has never worked
It will never work
Lay down your war planes
Lay down your love of oil, diamonds and gold
Lay down your strategies
Get off your adrenaline high

Only those who build, plant food
House and feed the people
Have peace in mind

We have computers
We can reach the world
We can have transparency
We can have honesty
We can have something new
We can have a world working together
We can use our minds
We can reason about how to
Actually achieve PEACE ON EARTH
Revolution of thought
A Revolution of the mind
…Linda King 7/11/11

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  1. Glad you are back to writing a poem. That is always welcome. I am busy writing my memoir and you must be, too, now you are not traveling anywhere. We will be envying those who did travel on Thursday!
    I am sure you were inspired to write this poem by that book you were reading. It is always a struggle to put profound thoughts into words or poems but it is good when people try to do it!