Thursday, April 28, 2011


Days are disappearing into
The deep fog of San Francisco
Disappearing days of wondering
Wondering if the Middle East
Can free it’s self from a dictator
Firing upon his own people with
Guns, grenades and mortars
Wondering if America can
Climb out of it’s credit hole
It’s unemployment, it’s
Homeless people on the streets
Wondering if Japan can
Clean up it’s earthquake disaster
It’s radiation and bury it’s dead
Wondering about the tornadoes
It's death and destruction
And the floods and fires
Wondering if cities and states
All over America can
Balance their budgets
And bring jobs back to America
Wondering when my son can get hired
Wondering when gas prices will go down
Wondering if there will be enough money
To make it through the month
Wondering if there is anything
One person can say or do
That will make a difference
Is it me, or is the whole world
Experiencing the same
Change shoved into our lives
Without relief from day to day
Leaving us all reeling with wonder

Leaving one to welcome the fog
With it’s clouds of white softness
To smother things into unreality
And soften the harsh realities of life
With it’s hard edges…coming to fast
..Linda King 4/25/11


  1. A gripping poem about realities we all share. I think you are writing wonderful poems now about your perceptions of modern times and expressing feelings about things that trouble us all. When a poet speaks, we listen, recognizing the gift of words and prophecy and understanding of the truly talented.

  2. I loved this poem...and wonder just what any of us can do that might help make the world better and safer. Your poem might just work as well as anything. I liked the feel of it!

  3. I liked this poem too. Using the fog as a symbol of how we try to soften the realities of the serious things that are happening in the world today. With the vast and fast communications in this technology every place there is no way to escape into the fog.