Saturday, October 20, 2012


The wayward world continues on it’s way
To theft, to lying, to violence and killing
Is there any sense to cry in protest
When so many seem not to care
Anyone who has eyes to read
Ears to hear knows what is happening
In this not caring, not listening, wayward world
In every country, state, city and family
There is conflict and unfairness
Everywhere someone is fighting somebody

We of the wayward world don’t
listen to our own conscious
Telling us what is right or wrong
Moses came down from the mountain
So many year ago with ten commandments
That I doubt have ever been followed
As a child when I first heard them
I thought, “Is that all? Anybody can do that.”
But…no… nobody can… nobody does
For we are headstrong in this wayward world

We will do what we want
Not what is good for the world
Not even what is good for ourselves
Even if we pollute the air
Poison the rivers
Kill all the trees and vegetation
Kill our babies, scorn our once friends
Disown our owns families
Even if drugs become our God
Even if drought leads us to starvation
Even if the homeless dig in the garbage to eat
And the insane curse on the streets

We and THEY will have their wayward way
Excusing where THEY…where we went wrong
After all, it is a very big WAYWARD WORLD
…Linda King 8/23/2012

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  1. Love this poem, Aunt Linda. I've been thinking so many of the same things, thank you for articulating. I miss having gatherings where nothing is 'off subject' where we can speak as artists, writers, and activists. We are fortunate that we have cultivated this need and desire to speak out, to express ourselves and not only influence each other, but the world where we can. As I have grown older, I respect so much the work and thoughts of my mother and my aunts, its as though I finally 'get it' and the torch is passing, passing, passing to another generation. I sometimes feel so lonely that I have no children to pass my thoughts to, so I have to pass some of those to Baby. Even though she is a dog, she gets the funniest looks on her face when I tell her what I am thinking--and, well, I still have so many of my students who stay in contact and ask my advice. It feels so good to know what to say, because I had so much wisdom from all of you... I love you, we don't say that to each other enough. I will visit soon...