Monday, November 5, 2012

There is food for all
Where every park and public restroom also has a shower
Where kindness and bullying is the norm
Where many shelters house the few
Where a fair wage for all jobs is practiced
Where greed and malice are replaced by concern and care
Where nations come to help not to kill or take
Where people actually practice goodness
Where peace is desired above profit
Where streets are safe and dwellings for all
Where camping is for fun not a necessity
Where paychecks are not eaten away by
taxes, deductions, insurance, heath care and hidden charges
Where dogs, cats and other animals are not hungry.
Where anger is low and laughter abounds
Where people are dancing and playing together in good fun
Where prison are replaced by houses of care, concern and cure
Where jobs are many and varied
Where people can have leisure without worry
Where sickness, dieing and burial will not bankrupt

Oh Angry Hearts, why waste your hours and days on vengeance
when only cool heads generate love
Oh Thief, of your own peace of mind
Oh Greed, poisoning your own blood
Give up your desire for
Too much sensation
Too much passion
Too many highs
Too much food,
Too many pills
Too much money
Too many parties
Too much gambling
Too many drinks or drugs
It can only lead to your own downfall
Go sober into the day and the night
Tear away, fault finding, slander and righteousness
Live not a lie in your own body

Make a world where…..
Where roses are blooming in the front yard
Where the organic garden is producing
Where apples ripen on your own tree
Where our neighbors across the world
Fear not our actions
Where children and grandchildren
Are laughing and happy
Where we think, first, of what is good for the world
…Linda King 11/5/2012

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