Saturday, March 26, 2011


The photos I am putting up are of my brother-in-law Floyd Ence, his racehorses and dog. He ran racehorses at all the tracks in Utah, Golden Gate, Hollywood Park and Santa Anita. His dog "Whitie" seems to love these horses as much as Floyd did. He seems to be posing for me when I took these pictures. Margie loved the Utah races and went with him often. I went when I was in town to Beaver, Escalante, Panguitch, Cedar City, St George, etc. A Ence horse was often the winner. Floyd didn't Gamble, but I did and won some easy money because we knew his horses were a cut above most in Utah. Many of these photo are of the Mares who were having the colts. He had one little colt he saved in the correl from the wolves or something he was pretty beat up. All of his horse seem to love him and came to him to be petted any time he was in the fields at his Mountain Meadow Ranch. Just down from the ranch was where the Mountain Meadow Massacre took place. One of his friend died on the fence there shot by his own gun as he climbed he fence. It was a little spooky up there. I seems to hear moans and groans on the wind.


  1. Wonderful photos of a primary relationship between a man and his horses and dog. The same kind of photos could have been taken of our Grandpa King with his horses or our dad with his. It was like Margie was going back to her roots when she married Floyd, living the same kind of life at his Mountain Meadows ranch as she had lived years ago on the Salt Gulch ranch and in Boulder on the King ranches.

  2. I love all these photos of Floyd's horses and the dog. These show a great deal about the kind of man he was. It was very thoughtful of you honor Floyd in this way. I'm sure he would have been pleased with this tribute. All the great photos makes me wish we had been able to own this sort of cameras all our lives as we could have quality pictures of so many wonderful things that has transpired through the years. Well, it good we have them not and can preserve them so easily. Glad you are in Utah to see your family and honor your loved ones.