Monday, April 18, 2011


I spent the week end with my cousin in Petaluma, pictured with her dog. A couple of years ago, we went on a trip up the Oregon coast with this little dog, Butler. He has since died and I thought she would appreciate this picture of them together and the one I took of him alone. We left him tied while we went to eat and he was not happy. She loved this dog and I have never been able to send her a picture by e-mail. I mess it up every time. I'll try this.
It was just beautiful up north, but I didn't have my camera. All of the rolling hill are a emerald green with cows and sheep grazing. They do have happy cows up Petaluma way.
For our walk we went to the Cheese and Egg Festival and got many tasty bits of this and that. The next day we went to Sebastopol to the Flea Market and on the way hit on a great Estate Sale. We both found treasures, that we might never use. The drive up and and back was great with blossoms, green and spring flowers everywhere.
The baby lambs were nice too. On my way home the sky was filled with every kind of cloud you can think of...all in one sky, and as I neared S.F. the fog slipped over the hill and bled down the other side...beautiful. The bridge in fog is unreal too.

The other house, I drive by every weekday taking the kids to school. The clouds were so beautiful, this day, I stopped and took a picture of the house. This house would have been the entrance house of the Ingleside housing development which was built on the site of the old Ingleside Horse Racing Track, where my daughter has her house, and I thought my daughter, Carissa, didn't like horses. There is a circle of houses that go right around where the track it's self would have been. Carissa likes to run there. She's been a runner since high school and still keeps it up...pretty good.
I've had a hard time getting to my writing since Margie, my sister's death. It still seems unreal. I wish she had made it up here to see all this green after so much rain.


  1. I'm glad to see you are writing, appreciating the beauty of Earth. The pictures of Butler and Max with Butler are good. You are moving around again and we will miss our sister in more ways than we can say, just as we did LaRae. It will take getting used to, two on the other side. We will need to reach our time will come.

  2. Very nice photo of Butler, but Max doesn't look like Max to me. She has changed in the face.
    Nice hearing about how beautiful northern Calif. is after the rain. Plus side of lots of rain. Did you see the news about Detective calling to say they might have found Dean's body, in Riverside, Calif, dead for only 2 years if it is actually him.